Hello Lovely

My name is Kristy DeFehr. I’m a Vancouver Island Newborn Photographer located in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia, where I was born and raised. The middle child of three, I grew up watching my dad always behind the camera, eager to capture every waking moment of our lives. From the bookcases he filled with family photo albums, to the dozens of VHS tapes piled upon the living room floor, he documented everything from hockey games, to dance recitals, to summer camping trips, and every holiday, birthday and Christmas in-between. It was this way that my dad showed me how life is composed of little moments; these fleeting fragments of time that so often leave us wondering, “Where did it all go?” 

My love for photography sparked as a teenager, and when I became an Auntie for the first time at Nineteen, I was officially hooked. My camera lenses quickly became an extension of myself, forever aiding me in my venture to capture this life, so fragile, so beautiful, so temporary, to create something timeless. This is my mission and my promise to you, Lovely; to be The Woman Behind the Camera professionally, purposefully, and imaginatively. This is me, and this is Instantly Classic Photography. 

Xo Kristy 

A few things from my heart

  • This island is my paradise

  • I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee

  • And the sound of raindrops

  • I love fairytales and superheros

  • Sunset is proof of magic

  • The ocean is my happy place

  • Nothing beats a good book on a rainy day

  • I think mermaids are probably real

"When I look back on my life I want it to be with sandy toes, messy hair, and sun-kissed

skin that's spent a lifetime in salty air" - an island girl